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Review for Fortune's Favor

Terrific story of love almost lost.

I really enjoyed this single shot.The characters are extremely well drawn for a forty page story and every word work hard and is there for a purpose.

I loved watching the relationship between Cal and Hayden grow and develop.

Highly recommended read!

Date Added: 02/03/2008 by Meg Britton

Fortune's Favor available from www.torquerepress.com

Review for Have a Little Faith

Elisa Rolle

Kieran is an hopelessly romantic. He believes in Mr Right and he is willing to wait for him.

Oh he has desires. In fact he lusts for Gavin, his boss' son, but that man has a reputation worst than Don Juan, and so Kieran doesn't want to be another notch in his belt.

But during tha Christmas company party Gavin reveals a side of himself that makes him very similar to Kieran, and maybe there is hope for them. If Kieran is willing to be a little more open to gamble his heart.

This is a really short story, 20 pages, but it warms the heart. The characters are well developed and the atmosphere is really tender. It's a perfect reading if you want good feelings and a prove that waiting Mr Right is the "right" thing to do. And I will be glady to read more about Kieran and Gavin... will Kieran brings Gavin to his family for Christmas brunch? :-)

Have a Little Faith available from www.torquerepress.com

Review for Fortune's Favor

Blurb from the pub:

Hayden is a big time chef who wants to come home to his small town and open a restaurant. He's excited, because he's had an on again, off again relationship with town Sheriff Cal, and he thinks they can become a real couple.Cal doesn't seem to agree, worried that coming out will ruin his life, so he tells Hayden to hit the road. Hayden tries to get on with his life by returning to the city, with disastrous results. Can Cal put aside his fears and take Hayden back?


WOW.This might be a short story, but it's one of the best Single Shots Torquere has ever put out, in my opinion. I am amazed--utterly amazed--at how much story Cassidy Ryan managed to fit into 40 pages. The sex had PURPOSE; it wasn't just there for the hell of it. The emotion was palpable and intense. And I swear--Bo (Cal's dog) reminds me enough of my beloved Dalmatian I had for years. :) Get this short story, folks. You won't regret it.

Mychael Black (

Review for Fortune's Favor
A lovely romance of love nearly lost when one sheriff hunk values his job and what others think more. It takes a near tragedy to wake him up and thereon there is no turning back. Both Cal and Hayden are such well flushed out characters, their love intense and sweet. A lovely single shot.
Date Added: 11/27/2007 by Robyn Sumire

Review For Sleeping With the Past

Alexa Snow, author of Clear Cut and Sleeping Stone, writes: Detective Nathaniel 'Nat' Holden isn't thrilled when he's assigned bodyguard duty, even if Professor Asher Munro is bright and handsome and fun to be with. Or maybe that's why he isn't thrilled. After having become a single father to his much-loved daughter Ellie at a young age, Nat learned to focus on concrete, practical things. Being in Asher's constant company is guaranteed to be a bad thing for someone who's been alone for a long time, and all of Nat's fears are realized when he finds himself falling -- and hard -- for the cheerful, charming professor.

This contemporary romance has more than a touch of mystery about it, and the two main characters are instantly likeable. It's the kind of story that has you continually saying to yourself, "Just one more chapter," and then before you know it you've reached the end. Smooth writing and strong characters are the best things about this story, which is both romantic and erotic. The unresolved sexual tension is incredibly powerful, which just makes the eventual culmination that much more satisfying. Definitely recommended!

Review for Sleeping With the Past
Y'all know how much I NEED and love my caffeine--especially in the mornings. Yes? Good. Take this into account then.

I bought this book a little after 8am. It's now 10:30. I just finished it. We're talking NONSTOP, folks. I haven't even had caffeine yet! I couldn't stop reading long enough to get a Mountain Dew.

Quite frankly, this is one of the best novels I've read in a long time. Not ONCE did I have the slightest idea who might be behind the threats on Asher, and dear God, Cass about killed me with the tension between Asher and Nathaniel. *twitches* But the pay-off? Oh, God... Just read it. Buy it. Read it. Buy a copy for a friend. But READ IT! And damn it, I'll be pissed if it doesn't go into print.
Mychael Black, Gay Fiction Author (mychaelblack.com)

Review for Sleeping With the Past
Sleeping with the Past can only be defined as a sweet romance with a tinge of suspence.

Asher is a literature professor in a smalltown University with a brilliant parallel career as mystery writer. He is also openly gay and an activist. So when he starts to receive threatening missives, he assumes to have treaded on one more toe, and ignores the matter. But Ellis, his assistant, is not of the same idea and asks help to her father, the handsome detective Nathaniel.

Nat is a single father and a gay in the closet. He has always avoided to be alone with Asher to deny the attraction between them, but when someone nearly kills the professor, he is assigned as his personal bodyguard, and they have to share a lot more time together that he would have wanted.

The mystery is pretty good, Cassidy Ryan gives us three or more possible suspects, and all of them could be the culprit. Maybe from only a clue you can undestand the real villain and I have no intention to say you that.

But as I said I think this one is also a sweet romance: sex is almost nonexistent, but instead there is a lot of sexual tension. I like very much as Cassidy Ryan as chosen to deal with the matter: Nathaniel is a more than 20 years gay in the closet and it would have been quite unbelievable that, all of sudden, he had chosen to coming out, not matter how strong is the attraction he feels for Asher.

Asher instead is very nice, a man really at comfort with his sexuality but who is in love like a teenager with his first crush. But he isn't oppressive and he can wait the right moment to laid his claim on the man he loves.

The book has an open ending, some things are still hanging (not so heavy to not give a close point to the story) and probably they could be a good start for another novel: Asher's family, Nathaniel's family (his daughter and his brother), their lifes after all is happen between them... if so, I would be glad to read it.
Date Added: 03/03/2008 by elisa rolle

Review for Sleeping With the Past
I love a good romance, and I love a good mystery. If I can get the two combined then I am officially a happy camper.

Sleeping with the past is a book that gives you just that. I was guessing right till the denouement, on who was the bad guy in this story.

The sexual tension and developing romance between Detective Nathaniel Holden and Professor Asher Munro was perfectly constructed and beautifully consummated right when I thought I could just not take any more.

Cassidy Ryan brings a light but firm touch to her character and plot development and has crafted a real page turner in this novel.

The ending leaves plenty of room for a sequel, which, if it is ever written will go straight to the top of my TBB list!

Great read!
Date Added: 03/20/2008 by Meg Britton

Review for Sleeping With the Past
A captivating and emotionally driven romance , where characters and relationship development take precedence. Add to that mystery and some excitement, we have an excellent M/M romance which have me paging down in one sitting until the every end. Nathaniel and Asher are most appealing, more so when the writer takes pain in flushing them out. And I always prefer a wider age gap between the couple. The plot is tightly paced, and maybe I did guess the culprit but that is because of Elisa's review.
The ending of course leaves room for much more and hopefully Ryan will deliver soon.
Date Added: 03/23/2008 by Robyn Sumire

Review for Sleeping With the Past
Reviewer: Chris
Date: 4/10/2008

Nathaniel is a detective with a 22 year old daughter and a lifetime of hiding from his true nature. Asher is his daughter's boss and mentor. The first time the two men meet, they are attracted to one another, but Nathaniel hides his attraction to Asher out of lifetime habit, knowing it's useless to be attracted to the "straight" father of his teaching assistant.

Enter a psychotic stalker who wants Asher dead, and the two are now thrown together 24/7 with no choice but to spend time together and really get to know one another. Some things are inescapable. Will their feelings for one another be one of them?

I thought Nathaniel's history was sad and showed what experiences lived at a young age can do to shape a person. Asher was a wonderful character. I loved his self description of himself as "channeling a fourteen year old girl."

This was a touching story of self-discovery and acceptance for Nathaniel and a great love story for both characters. Definitely a must read.